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How I Make Money in the Options Market Everyday (Even in Irrational Markets)
In LESS then 30 Minutes a Week you can create an "extra" $200 to $500 of weekly cash from ANY SIZE account and in any market conditions following my "80-20" Trade Scan strategy.
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As we’ve lived through these last 3 weeks of a manic stock market, many investors have emailed me asking...

"Is anything a "sure thing" when it comes to trading the stock market, especially in these insane market conditions"

And my answer to that is my 80-20 Trade Scan.

My 80-20 Trade Scan helps smart investors beat schizophrenic markets, by laser targeting in on profitable trades during market sell offs.

For example, last Friday when 99% of investors were panicking over the market plunge...

We closed our Apple (AAPL) Spread last Friday for MAX PROFIT… $540 (21.95% return) from a trade that was opened right through this "market madness" of the last few weeks - All thanks to my 80-20 Trade Scan! 

And with many predicting the worst is far from over, I want to arm you with my 80-20 Trade Scan, so you can create an extra $200-$500 weekly for yourself too... (Even during market sell offs).

So here's what I want you to do: Join me in my Smart Options Income Trading Program during this 72 Hour Membership Special!

Get 2 to 3 new Smart Options Income trades plus my BEST weekly trade ideas every week and trade with me Live once a month.
I'm including everything you need to get started and to put this strategy to use IMMEDIATELY so you can start collecting that EXTRA $300 to $500 in cash next week!

My 80-20 Trade Scan: How I Make Money in an Irrational Market.
Here is How My 80-20 Trade Scan Can Help You Make Money in this irrational Market
  • … Lean about the ONLY SURE THING in trading options that every “Professional Floor Trader" uses to WIN 75% to 80% of their trades
    … My Trade Scan creates trades that generate income of 20% or more every year (net of fees, commissions and yes, even losses)
    … Avoid the 5 costly mistakes every options trader makes when they attempt to sell options
    … How you can double your portfolio in 3 to 4 years following an options trading strategy even Buffett would love
    … And why my Trade Scan doesn’t require a lot of capital…in fact you can start with as little as $10,000 (ideal for small accounts)
  •  ... My Trade Scan is "All About the Numbers" and NOT the STOCKS.
  • You don't have to be a "Financial Guru" to follow this strategy
  • In fact, when it comes to options trading, unless you’re a great stock picker, you will lose because the odds are stacked against you.
  •  And nobody is a great stock picker.
  •  Even Warren Buffet…
    The 5 Costly Mistakes Option Traders Make
    I’m tired of seeing “option traders" make these “same mistakes” over and over again when it comes to generating income...
    1.  Losing Money Buying Options:  Most investors “buy” options in attempt to “leverage” small amounts of capital for potential big gains  However, most buyers of options lose money…80% of all options expire worthless!

    2. Trading High-Risk Strategies: I’m sick and tired of investor’s with being mislead by trading experts and gurus when it comes to collecting cash income using options or futures. They make OUTRAGEOUS CLAIMS like "bank 200%, 500% or EVEN 1,000% winners buying options with as little as $100."  Meanwhile, individual traders are stuck losing $100, $500, $1,000 in a matter of days.

    3. Too Much Risk on One Trade: Too many traders have a "winner take-all" mindset when trading options. They over-allocate to much of their capital to one or two trades and put their entire portfolio at serious risk!

    4. Trading Into Known "High-Risk" Events: I see it over and over where traders open new positions right into an "Known Risk-Event"...like an earnings report, FDA ruling, merger and acquisition hearing, or even a new product announcement...and then watch as their trade goes against them and they have to get out with "avoidable loss".

    5. Small Account Income Problem:  You’ve probably heard this before: "You need $100,000 or at least $50,000 minimum to trade options for income.” And you’re thinking… "What do I do if I’m starting with a smaller account?” So you do nothing but watch a small trickle of income into your account from money-market or low-paying bond funds.

    It's time to STOP LOSING MONEY Trading Options!

    The typical investor gets 3% annual income from their portfolio. You're about to learn how to get an extra $300 EVERY WEEK or 24% per year and compound that money every year.

    At that rate of return, you would create a consistent and repeatable income trading strategy that will double your portfolio's value EVERY three years, meaning in just 10 years, you would get 10x more money than that typical income trader.

    My  "80-20" Trade Scan
    What if you had a simple, repeatable strategy that took less then 20 minutes to complete and could help you create an EXTRA $300 to $500 in cash income EVERY WEEK?

    That’s an EXTRA $15,600 (or more) in CASH this year?
    And you could do it without taking on a lot of risk.
    I mean, what if you didn’t make $300 per trade...
    And you “only” added $218 in cash Every Week instead?
    That’s still an extra $11,336 in just 12 months.
    Would it be worth testing my "80-20" Trade Scan Strategy for the chance to pocket an extra ten grand?
    So let me explain how it works...

    I realized there was a smarter way to teach investors to collect weekly cash income. It hinged on three very important "breakthrough" concepts for me ...

    Breakthrough #1: Numbers Matter, Not Stocks
    First, you show know I’m “stock agnostic” … it’s all about the numbers not the names but still finding the “right combination” option volatility…rich premiums and a degree of safety “built in” takes time to master.

    That’s why I like spread options.

    Spread options are not the risky, speculative options that are completely unfit for any sane retiree.

    These options can be traded right inside a retirement account. They're that safe. And that makes perfect sense for smaller accounts.

    And, they're "stock agnostic" and based purely on simple math which anyone can do.

    They give us an advantage over other single-side options selling strategies

    … less of your hard-earned capital is required on every trade
    … they allow you to remain stock agnostic so you collect income from stocks that are moving up or down in price
    … you know when you enter the trade what your maximum loss will be
    … plus you get the same advantage of time decay that single option sellers get while risking far less capital
    ... And most important, you can take advantage of both "higher" and "lower" volatility from the options in many stocks

    So, when option volatility in certain stocks runs higherI sell credit spreads.

    When the volatility drops in my target stocks ... I buy debit spreads.

    Remember, I’m “stock agnostic" ... I'm looking for option premium numbers that generate the most cash on a week-in and week-out basis.

    Either way, both of these strategies are perfect for collecting "Weekly Cash" income because both strategies are designed to limit capital risk while taking advantage of time decay ... the key to selling options.
    Breakthrough #2: You Want Many Small Winners, Not One Big Jackpot Winner
    Another breakthrough I learned early on was finding a simple, repeatable strategy to put cash in your account regularly without risking large sums of your capital.

    Basically finding a way to “bank profit” every week with smaller overall cash gains but at a higher winning percentage.

    That’s another reason why I like to buy and sell properly planned and executed weekly spread trades.

    And while the wins can be smaller in absolute cash returns...they win so often because the underlying stock can do 3 out of 4 things and you can still get your maximum profit.

    The underlying stock can …

    • Move in your favor
    • Do nothing, or even
    • Move against you a bit

    … and you’ll still keep all the cash.

    And when the fourth thing happens – the stock moves strongly against you – there's plenty of time to decide how to keep the loss smaller than the maximum.

    By selling weekly spread options you hold a huge advantage by having a lot of small winners rather than looking for that one big jackpot winner.

    It's why casinos make money almost without fail.

    But perhaps you're not yet a believer...so let me show you in a simple way a combination of my two big breakthroughs: Numbers Matter and Lots Of Winners

    The table below shows two traders: the "No-Stress Retirement" trader versus the Options Buyer.

    Breakthrough #3:  Collect Cash EVERY Week
    The final key to my "80-20" Trade Scan Strategy is buying and selling spreads to put cash in our pockets every week.

    That's why I like to use weekly options.

    When you learn to build trades with weekly options which are expiring in 5 days, 10 days or 15 days, you begin to build what I call Weekly "FRIDAY CASH."
    Essentially you write yourself a check every week (when you place the trade)...you can "cash out" this Friday, next Friday... every Friday (when you close the trade).
    With spreads, our goal is for the trade to expire worthless. That means we collect full credit and it means we don't have to pay the broker to close the trade.

    So, we place weekly option trades with a simple Friday Cash approach:

    1. We will buy or sell spread options that expire this week...
    2. We will buy or sell spread options that expire a week from this Friday
    3. And we will buy or sell spread options that expire 3 weeks or 4 weeks out from now.
    So, by placing trades ahead on your trading calendar, you can build "forward Friday cash flow" which streams into your account on a weekly basis
    You'll also avoid the stress of having to "make money" every week because you'll be creating tomorrow's cash today.
    In other words, you're creating "FRIDAY CASH FLOW" for yourself, just like a business would.
    This is another really big idea because it removes much of the pressure of trading. When you're on the hook for making money "THIS WEEK" you're going to make mistakes and mistakes lead to losses.
    When you set your trades up in advance – for this week, next week, or in three weeks – you have time to manage the trade without the high pressure of instant decision making which often leads to losing trades.

    With either strategy I can buy debit spreads or sell credit spread options that generate weekly cash week-in and week-out and it takes less then 30 minutes every week.

    My "80-20" Trade Scan Goal:  Collect as much cash every Friday as possible starting with an Extra $500 from one or more of our spread trades.

    Our Trade Results Over the Last Volatile 60 Days
    Here are a few of our recent "80-20" Trade Scan FAANG trades that we closed out over the last volatile 90 days in the market:

    * Netflix (NFLX) Credit Call Spread for $498
    * Facebook (FB) Credit Put Spread for $480
    * Amazon (AMZN) Credit Spread for $485
    * Nivdia (NVDA) Credit Put Spread for $476
    * Baidu (BIDU) Put Spread for -$395 (yes, I include losing trades in my results)
    * Allergan (AGN) Put Spread for -$495
    * Best Buy (BBY) Put Spread for $540
    * And a very successful iShares Russel 200 ETF (IWM) Spread for $1,210

    If you had been trading with us in Smart Options Income over the last 60 days, you could've made a total of 21 trades (18 winners) for over $2,546 of NET CASH INCOME (after losing trades and fees)...during EXTREME market volatility.

    This is just a small sample of what you can achieve when you master my "80-20" Trade Scan Strategy ... regardless of the size of your trading account.

    All these trades were made on a $50,000 portfolio (but could easily have been made with a much smaller account), with no more then $2,400 allocated per trade and utilized my EXACT rules for money and trade management.

    Including fees, commissions and losses, this group of trades made total income of $2,546 in just 2 months or $318 of NET CASH INCOME per week.
    That's what my Smart Options Income program has provided to a small group of investors who joined just in the last 60 days.

    82% Winning Trades

    A Net Profit - including losing trades, all fees and commissions - of $3,665

    Weekly Cash Income of $318.

    An Annual Return on Capital of 31.2%

    Which means, based on my track record so far here in 2018, you should be able to pay yourself back with your very first weekly trade this coming Friday.
    So, get in the markets with me and learn how to use one of the smartest and frankly, safest strategies so you can pad your income with $15,600 or more in the next 12 months.
    Use the button below to make sure you claim YOUR seat, right now in my Smart Options Income Program.
    Get My Best Trades Every Week for the Next 3 Months With The Smart Options Income 90-Day Trial for Just $97
      Plus, Get This Extra FREE Bonus Included
    With Your 90 Day Membership

    On-Demand Special Training Workshop
    During this on demand Training Workshop, You'll Learn the Basics to Spread Options in a Step-by-Step Strategy so You Master the Tactics With Total Confidence.
    What You Get With the Training Workshop
    How to get "Consistent" Winning Trades for Consistent Profits
    How to find the RIGHT trades faster so you spend less time "hunting"
    A step-by-step execution plan so you have the Confidence to make smarter trades
    Simple tactics for profitable trades...closing trades early...avoid big losses...
    Two simple tools that you can use to maximize the use of your capital and make profitable trades
    Attendees of Our Last Workshop Said:
    "I paid for my workshop with the Tesla (TSLA) trade alone!"
    "Jon explained everything in a way that was easy for me to understand."
    "This is a newer way to add money to my account!"
    "The live trading offset the cost of the course. (Loved) the Actual trades to be sure I am doing it right."
    The Big Three Secrets To Success
    Most traders who fail with options (and credit spreads) fail because they "start" with how much they're going to make on a trade.

    You will succeed because I'll teach you to have a completely different "starting point" - one that will always lead you to the best possible trades to make and the highest possible winning percentage on those trades.
    Secret #1: Setting Annual Income Goals
    This is where you begin. When you can define how much money you need to make each year, your trading becomes simplified. You're not rushed to "make money this week" because you'll be working toward that Annual Income Goal all year round.
    Secret #2: SPECIFIC Trade Percentage Return Criteria
    This secret helps you determine a specific percentage return for ANY trade you'll make. If a trade doesn't meet the minimum criteria, you don't place the trade. This ONE step prevents more losing trades because you're setting yourself up for maximum potential success from the outset of the trade.
    Secret #3: Accounting for Losses, Fees and Commissions BEFORE you place a trade
    This is a subset of the Trade Percentage Return and the Annual Income Goal and what this simple math tells you is what return per trade (across all trades, even losing trades) you can expect to achieve. This is my weird "6% even on losing trades" secret which I'll teach you.
    Imagine Two Simple Calculators That Could Do All That Work For You
    These are two of the big tools I'm making available to members of my trading and training program, Smart Options Income.

    These simple shortcut will help you to know when you're meeting your Goals and Trading Return Percentages so you can avoid "losing" trades as much as possible.

    And that's why it's well worth your time to learn the simple rules and easy strategy I've developed for you.

    My methodology focuses on simple math, basic probability, expected win rates of 75% to 80% and modest "average" returns of 20% to 30% for these trades.

    When you add all these pieces together you'll have your portfolio working harder and smarter for you so you can make repeatable winning spread trades that provides you with consistent, reliable income.

    But why struggle to learn how to do this on your own when we can do this together?
    Get Started With My Special
    Smart Options Income  90-Day Membership
    The Smart Options Income Trading Program has everything you need to learn PLUS a stream of winning spread trades week after week.

    All our 2018 cash income results I’ve discussed here today come from this service. Nothing is held back - our results below reflect real market trades, profits and losses, fees and commissions.

    In just 18 months, I helped over 250 investors reclaim their retirement dreams by teaching and trading with them a simple, low-risk strategy to create more income than they've been getting. I can help you, too!

    I'm including everything you need to get started and to put this strategy to use IMMEDIATELY so you can potentially get that extra $300 in cash EVERY WEEK over the next 12 months.

    You’ll get my “best” weekly spread trade recommendations every week that are due to expire that Friday (3 to 4 days) plus trades that expire anywhere from two to six weeks out.

    You get my complete trade recommendation via email and SMS text alert including...

    ... My detailed analysis of the stock and trade itself
    ... Clear instructions on the trade parameters
    ... My recommended entry price so that we don't collect too little on credit spreads or pay too much on debit spreads
    ... An exit strategy ahead of time so we know when we'll close the trade early to capture profit or let it expire worthless to keep all of the cash
    ... And of course you will get my "trade management" email/text alerts where I will monitor every trade for you with instructions when to exit losers early and let  winners run longer

    Once a month we'll review potential trades and depending on what we find, we will execute spread trades in my Live Trading Sessions together – right on the spot.
    Today, however, when you agree to join me as a New Member in my Smart Options Income.

    When you take just this first step toward ending INCOME FRUSTRATION with me, you'll get the peace of mind of low-pressure trading, consistent income, a low-risk strategy and you could INCREASE your cash income by $300 every week.
    Get My Best Trades Every Week for the Next 3 Months With The Smart Options Income 90-Day Trial for Just $97
    Here’s What You Get With Your
    Smart Options Income 90-Day Trial
    Weekly Trade Recommendations
    I'll send you my best trade recommendations every week with complete execution instructions so you know exactly how to profit from the trades. You'll get 2 to 3 trades each week - up to 100 trades all year!
    Weekly Email Delivery of All Recommendations
    Each email comes complete with all of the information and instructions you need to execute each trade, including the minimum credit limit, maximum risk rules.
    Special Email and Text Alerts As Needed
    If we need to close out a trade early, I'll make sure you know immediately. Remember that for 87.6% of our trades we don't need to do anything to close them out. They expire automatically and we keep ALL of the cash income.
    A Weekly Wrap- up
    I keep you up to date on which positions are expiring worthless, review our open trades, and discuss what's ahead for the next week. I'll deliver the Weekly Wrap-up by email each week, so you'll know exactly what steps to take next week.
    A Monthly Live Trading and Review Session
    Each session features a 20-30 minute tactical training lesson combined with LIVE trades so you get the best possible hands-om trading in real time. I'll be answering all your questions at the end in a live Q&A session too.
    Full Access to Our Members Only Website
    You have access to all of the Trade Alerts and Updates PLUS the full Training Program, all of the Trading Tools in one simple site for easy access when you need it.
    BONUS: Fast-Track Options Training Program
    You'll also get the complete Credit Spread Masters online training program. This 5-Module self-paced training lets me teach you how to make spread options a smart and safe addition to your trading!
    TOTAL VALUE - $2,479!
      Taking My Smart Options Income 90-Day Membership for $97 is a "No-Brainer" Decision
    … ONLY $32 per month
    … $1.08 per day
    … $3 to $4 per trade
    My Smart Options Income Payment Plan
    Pays for Your Membership in 5 Days or Less

    If all of the Cash saved on the Above Membership Benefits isn’t enough to Convince You My Smart Options Income is a "No-Brainer" at $97, then check this out:

    Look at the last 6 Smart Options Income  trades we closed in the past 3 weeks.  4 Winning and 2 Losing trades (On average we win 75% of our trades which means we close losing trades from time to time).
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    It's Time to "End Income Frustration" today.
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