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My "80-20" Trade Scan Strategy
Win 75% to 80% of Your Trades Selling Overpriced Options
How I Make Money in the Options Market Everyday (even weekends) with My "80-20" Trade Scan Strategy
  •  … Lean about the ONLY SURE THING in trading options that every “Professional Floor Trader" uses to WIN 75% to 80% of their trades
    … My Trade Scan creates trades that generate income of 20% or more every year (net of fees, commissions and yes, even losses)
    … How you can use my "80-20" Trade Scan Strategy to double your portfolio in 3 to 4 years following an options trading strategy even Buffett would love
    … And why my Trade Scan Trading Strategy doesn’t require a lot of capital…in fact you can start with as little as $10,000 (ideal for small accounts)
  •  I've created a simple "fast-track" Training Program that teaches  you everything you need to know to make these trades ...
"80-20" Trade Scan Program
This training program will help you master the simple skills to find the right spread trades to win 75% to 80% of your trades and capture 20% or more in annual income.

That means no matter how new you are to trading spreads, you’ll find this is a great introduction to the simple but powerful mechanics to trading spreads.

That's why it's well worth your while to learn the simple rules and easy strategy I've developed for you.

Why struggle to learn how to do this on your own when I've laid it all out for you already?

I’ve made it easy for you to get started and put together this special training program: My “80-20 Trade Scan” Training Program.

This comprehensive program is broken down into four short video lessons plus a live trading case study.
Each lesson contains a Short Video Lesson (less then 10 minutes each) along with all of the video slides.
I’ve included my complete “80-20 Trade Scan” Strategy Guide that you can download in PDF format for easy reading.  So it doesn’t matter if you learn best by watching video or reading a document. You’re covered either way.
Plus, I’ve included a special 20 Minute “Real-Time Trading Case Study” Session I recorded where I went on “live” to trade 3 positions in real time and I come back in real-time one and two week’s later to show you how I closed those trades out at a profit.
And just to get you started on the fast track I’ve put together a Quick Start Checklist so you can hit ground trading right out of the gate.
This Training Program includes everything you need to start finding and making live credit spread investments for real cash income money week after week and month after month.
My "80-20" Trade Scan Training at the Lowest Possible Price
Remember, this is not a get-rich-quick approach.

This plan is designed to make it simple and safe for you to get consistent, reliable income, even though we've set a high goal of 20% annual net income.

Now, you’d probably expect to pay $100, $250 … maybe even $500 for this specialized training.

But not me.

My goal is to get my training out to as many individual investors and traders as possible… and for as little cost as possible.

That’s why I’m making my “80-20 Trade Scan” Training Program available for the easy-decision price of ONLY $9.95.
Total Value: $195
Get Instant Access to My
"80-20" Trade Scan Training Program
for ONLY $9.95 TODAY!
WARNING: This Massive Discount EXPIRES Soon..
Here’s What You Get:
4-Part Video Training Series:  Get my complete "80-20" Trade Scan video training in 4 ten minute trading sessions that will speed  your learning process.
Value: $79
Companion Strategy Guide: The PDF companion guide shares the Step by Step Process to the “80-20” Income Trading Strategy. Use it as you watch the training video.
Value: $29
Credit Spread Checklist: Use the checklist with every credit spread trade you execute so you never, ever skip a step.
Value: $29
The "80-20" Trade Scan Training Slides: Print the slides that accompany the Training Video so you can take notes as you learn. Remember to write down questions and email them to me, too!
Value: $29
PLUS, Trade Case Study Video:  Watch in real-time how I open and close THREE New "80-20" Trade Scan trades for a profit in 3 trading days.
Value: $29
Total Value: $195
Get Instant Access to Jon Lewis'
"80-20" Trade Scan Training Program
$9.95 TODAY!
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Meet Jon Lewis, Your Instructor
Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm 25 Year Veteran Trader of Options, including Spread Options for Income.

My writings on options trading have appeared in reputable trading sites.

Over my 25 years I have created, taught and led multiple options trading services and education programs, teaching thousands of investors everything from the basics of options trading to the the best strategies for trading options to generate income.

It’s Simple.  

I want to help anyone who is looking to add EXTRA INCOME in a low-yield environment...
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